Fokke Baarssen

Hello and welcome to our website, I am Fokke Baarssen a Travel and Lifestyle Photographer from the Netherlands, on social media as @fokkebok. I started photographing when I was 12 with a small travel camera and even with the old vintage cameras.

Later on, I stopped photographing for a while but when the mobile phones came out with good cameras, my interest in photographing did awake again.

So I started photographing again, did buy a decent DSLR, posted on social media and people give compliments and said I have to do something with my photographs.

From that time I started to sell my photos and it makes me a lot better photographer it was a lot of struggle in the beginning because they need to be perfect for sale but in the end, it makes me a lot better photographer.

We live in the Netherlands on the former island of Urk at an hour's drive from Amsterdam.

We are always looking for great spots and capturing the beauty of the world.

I like to see new things, new people, new landscapes, new food, explore things around.

When we travel around we always look for the wow factor in pictures. When you riding in your car in the mountains it always fascinates me, the power of nature the colors and changing seasons the sunrises and sunsets I never can get enough of all the colors around us and I try to bring that back in my photography.

How would you describe your work, in just one or two sentences?

Colorful, and Natural On my Instagram feed I try to stick to a color theme but I always felt back in the more colorful pics with sunrise, sunsets, and tropical beaches, and so on.