[SR] SUNDAY BRUNCH COMIDA DE LA ABUELA- ‘Eatertainment’ @ MEXICANO REMBRANDT HOTEL รีวิวโดย My Dining Collection

[SR] Mexicano @ Rembrandt Hotel; Sponsor Review [Even though, this is a sponsor-review. I promise! I will tell you the true to benefit for the both of customers and the restaurant.] Hola!¿Cómo están? Hello everyone! How are you? Hello everyone Today I launched the Spanish because I will take e



 วันพฤหัสที่ 25 ตุลาคม พ.ศ. 2561 เวลา 10.00 น.

 วันที่เดินทาง 5 ส.ค. 2561

[SR] Mexicano @ Rembrandt Hotel; Sponsor Review

[Even though, this is a sponsor-review. I promise! I will tell you the true to benefit for the both of customers and the restaurant.]

Hola!¿Cómo están?

Hello everyone! How are you?

Hello everyone Today I launched the Spanish because I will take everyone to taste Mexican food in a buffet style! Deliciously prepared with the colors and flavors of Mexico!



Sea Food Parade

I am really to be honor from invited to the brunch. This is the grand opening of SUNDAY BRUNCH at MEXICANO Restaurant! I also have the same bunch with the Ambassador of Mexico, Thank Goddess!


1st Floor ,19 Sukhumvit Soi 18, Sukhumvit Road, Klong-Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand.; BTS Asok (E4); MRT Sukhumvit.


📞Tel. 02 261 7060

📩https://www.facebook.com/Mexicanobkk, https://rembrandtbkk.com/restaurants/mexicano/

Mexicano Restaurant

Mexican cuisine is honored by UNESCO as the one of the world's heritage food. "Mexicano Restaurant" offers authentic mexican dishes in both of A la carte menu and Buffet!

Chef Carlos Bravo is a mexican chef, graduated from the Instuto de gastronomia mexicana. He started his career as a Executive Chef at The Room Business Center, then became eputy Chef at Tezka Restaurant in Mexico. His 13 years of experience make him the best in the mexican cuisine. Today, we have the pleasure to have him as the chef of our Mexicano Restaurant, at Rembrandt Hotel.

Chef Carlos Bravo

"Our Mexican restaurant uses the best possible ingredients from the local market and imported some products. The cuisine is a mix of authentic Mexican cuisine with a modern twist"

Chef Carlos Bravo

Just see his face with that happy smile, like by persuading to know the happiness and fun from his food!

Live Fun Music

By the way, the Mexican people are passionate about food. Have heart and mind of fun, loving music and have beautiful identity art.Just see the store and the food, the colors are so spicy, touch and encourage us to step in.

Happy Moment

Mexican food of here are good quality with freshness and health. Whole Avocado Salad, Fresh Vegetables, Cheese Soup, Mexican Chili, Tacos, Guacamole, Nacho, and some other I can call their name are not quite right. And there is also seasonal fresh fruits. Mexican style of desserts are also available. especially "Churros con chocolate", which resembles a deep-fried dough stick in Mexican style, is a pair of ice cream and sweet chocolate. Have a drink like unlimited Margarita and sangria!

มุมไฮไลท์ของ SUNDAY BRUNCH นี้คือ Seafoodที่สดใหม่มากๆ ทั้งกุ้ง หอย ปู ปลา ปลาหมึก ที่รับประกันความสดมากๆ
Highlights for this Sunday Brunch, The Very Fresh Sea Food
โซนย่าง/Grill Staion

อาหารทะเลสดๆ/Choice for Grilled Sea Food

สามารถสั่งปรุงได้หลายแบบตามใจชอบ หรือแบบปรุงเย็นที่เชฟทำให้แล้วก็มีครับผม/

Cook by the ways you like or Offered by Chef

เนื้อวัว เนื้อแกะ กระดูกหมู และเบอเกอร์สไตล์เม็กซิกัน/

Roast rib eye, prime beef, Pork ribs and Mexican Burgers

เนื้อแกะ เนื้อวัว และซอส 4 ชนิดสำหรับทาโก้อร่อยๆ/

Lamb, Beef and 4 kinds of sauce for Tacos

มีเนื้อไก่ พร้อมผักชีหอมซอยไว้ทานคู่กันด้วย/

Lamb, Beef and Chicken Tacos


/Line of Local Mexican Food

Pork-Mixiotes(down left), Beans Charros(down right)

Mole de olla Beef soup(Upleft), Chipotle(Up right)

Ground Beef Picadillo(down left),Green Rice(down right)

ชิฟ และแคปหมูให้เลือกทานกับซอสซัลซ่า 3 ชนิด/Chips and Crispy pork(left) with 3 kinds of Salsa

(Salsa de arbol, Habanero green salsa and Salsa Borracha)

กัวคาโมเลหรืออาโวคาโดดิพ และโฮมเมดชีสสดสไตล์เม็กซิกัน/

Guacamole(left), Mexican fresh cheese chipotle(middle), Mexican fresh cheese jalapenos(right)

ทาโก้ปลา(ซ้าย), พายทูน่า(กลาง), เบอร์เกอร์สไตล์เม็กซิกัน/
Tacos baja fish(left), Empanadas tuna(middle), Mexican burger(right)

แซลม่อนรมควัน,เบบี้แครอทอบ และสลัดมิกซ์

Smoked salmon, Baby roasted carrots and Mixed Salads


Mixed Salads


Special menu

Chip w/ red or green sauce/with or without egg

Bread filled w/ Tamal or Pastor

Crispy corn tortilla w/ corn chipotle mayonnaise and fresh cheese

Corn dough topping w/ beans, cheese, sour cream and Salsa

Served w/ Beef, chicken, prawns especial sauce for the house and cheese (Recommend)

Churros con chocolate (Recommend)


ไอศครีม/ Ice cream

Corn cake(Up Left), Conchas vanilla and chocolate(Up right)

Impossible cake(down left), chocolate(Up right)

Cute dessert , the kids will love them!

ผลไม้สดตามฤดูกาล/Fresh Fruit


น้ำผลไม้สด 3 ชนิด/free-flow of 3 type of juices

Margarita with handsome bartender!

The restaurant also serves the family as well. There is a corner for children. Have activity Allow parents to rest fully.


1,250 บาท net / ท่าน – รวมน้ำผลไม้สด ,มาการิต้า และแชงกีร่าแบบไม่อั้น!

THB 1,250 net / person- Price includes free-flow juices, unlimited margaritas and sangria!


ทุกวันอาทิตย์ 12.00- 15.00 / Every Sunday 12.00 – 15.00

📊 My Score (In my opinion)

The Food/อาหาร⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The food is very fresh. Especially the seafood zone. Chef recruiting the best raw materials. A menu like a cold salad, which is put in the raw Asian sea bass. This is the first time I've ever eaten raw Asian sea bass. It's really fresh, not fishy. Many of the dishes are delicious, and this the first times I've ever eaten a full of Mexican food. Feel the chef understand the choice. And use the ingredients to cook well. There is also a good quality health food, such as avocado, cheese is a fresh cheese is hard to find to eat in Thailand. Food has many kind of menu. It was so full of Mexican food. I think people who love and try new foods will love this brunch.

Recommended Menu: All-menu of Grilled Zone, Served w/ Beef, chicken, prawns especial sauce for the house and cheese (The 5th of Menu) and Churros con chocolate (the 6th of menu)

Recommend: Chef's menu is very fill full, both quantity and taste, So share with your friends. Let's take a look at each one before Oder the-other one. And your menu may take a time for fresh cooking about 10-20 minutes depending on the amount of guests.

The atmospheres/บรรยากาศ⭐⭐⭐⭐

It's a very joyful place. At the restaurant, there is a colorful of Mexican style. The logo of the restaurant look really chummy. When combined with the music that the musician plays a joyful and fun of rhythmic rhythm. It also provides entertainment. And let the guests share their fun, The singer and the musician will walks along to your table and Let's you enjoy your meal. This makes it fun; with the concept 'Eatertainment'.

The Service/การบริการ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The service is good. Everybody is very friendly. Have a bright smile Especially the team of chefs.They recommend how to eating each Mexican menu for us such as this menu should eat with this or this will delicious. The chef came out and talk about the meal. Everyone is attentive. The restaurant is also available for the kids area. There are staff to talk care of your children, when the parents enjoy their brunch and relax.

The Worthiness/ความคุ้มค่า⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Compared to the price of quality, type of raw materials and food, this is a worth brunch i recommend! In my opinion, I am a first times trying Mexican food person. I can trying a variety of Mexican menus at a single price. The price includes drinking, free-flow juices, and alcoholic beverages such as unlimited margaritas and sangria! I can enjoy them fully In this price.

Suggestions and problems found for the restaurant. (DO NOT for DISCREDIT)

1.1 There are some blind spots. My table is in that spot so the staffs can not take care of us fully because the corner is not very noticeable. The storage the dish is slow. Not as thorough as it should be.

1.2 Due to the small table space for food plate, if you get too much plate of food. (With the place, it requires a small table. And the big table is mixed together. The guests can make a request.)

1.3 For the menu, Margarita, I ordered a glass of frappe Margarita. (Guests can order a variety of style: ice, cold,with/without sugar can be ordered.) But my ordered has been turned into a water, but not ice. It's all melted. May the staff need to be careful of this.


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